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Here you'll find out all about my books: how I write them, where the ideas come from, news of forthcoming books, what I'm doing next and lots of other things you may want to know! I'd love to hear from you - get in contact and let me know what you think about my novels.

Don't forget you can keep in touch with what I am up to through my blog (below) - I'll be updating it regularly.

Secrets Club

Head on over to Secrets Club to find out more about Alice, Tash, Dani and Lissa.

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New website

Will soon be having a new website so you can find out all about my younger books for primary school age readers as well as my older books for teen readers.
Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it’s all happening.
It will have the same website address: www.chrishigginsthatsme.com
and the same email contact: chris@chrishigginsthatsme.com
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like me to visit your school, attend a festival or just want to ask me a question about my books.

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My Funny Family Saves the Day

Nearly finished writing the sixth book of the My Funny Family series and the Butterfields just get madder and madder. Now comes the nice bit, choosing the scenes to be illustrated.
This one won’t be out till next year but the good news is, My Funny Family Moves House is out on July 3rd. Will be at Waterstones in Truro to celebrate. See you there.

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Leedstown Primary

Was great to talk to the children of Leedstown Primary and Gwithian Primary about writing as a career. Your questions were really good and it was fab to meet with so many keen readers and writers. Am so enjoying my primary school visits.

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Book Awards.

Always an honour to be shortlisted for a Book Award. Awards are a bit like buses-you wait for one for ages and then two come along at once! Hugely excited to be on the shortlist for the Surrey Book Award for “My Funny Family Gets Bigger” and the KYBA for my teen book, “The Day I Met Suzie”.

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World Book Night

Two World Book Night events this week, one at the local library, one at the local pub!
What better places could you have to enjoy books?

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Queen of Teen

Hi to all fans who would like to nominate me for Queen of Teen. Please nominate me by Tuesday 29th April.

I can only make the short list if you guys are kind enough to nominate me. Many thanks, Chris

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Great email below.

Just wanted to tell you how much I loved your book ‘He’s After Me’ !
You visited my school a while back, Bishop Walsh and I had actually read He’s After Me a while ago. It was a wonderful book with a great plot line that refused to let me put the book down. I finished it very quickly as I am such a bookworm. I really hope there is a sequel as you left it on such a cliffhanger! I’d love to know what happens to all the characters, especially about how Anna felt after her sister’s death. Would she find Jem? Would anyone? Would he continue to graffiti? I just hope you carry out another book because this one was absolutely brilliant. The story is so gripping and I couldn’t stop reading when I picked it up. I was incredibly impressed with the ending of the book. Sad and heart breaking, but so realistic. But I feel that it’s unfinished and I believe a sequel would be perfect – no matter how short or long. Although, one thing about the book was that I felt we didn’t get enough of Jem’s point of view. Yes, the short snippets were very effective, however, I think a lot of fans would of loved more of an insight into his mind. Anyway, the reason I decided to read this book was when you visited our school, you read out the first couple of pages and I found it very interesting. I decided to pick up the book and I must say, excellent choice of the front cover&title. It really drew me towards the book. It was incredibly well written and detailed compared to many books I have picked up. Usually I stick to fantasy and supernatural but I really did love this book! Coming from me, this is a very big compliment because books without fantasy are what I usually avoid and dislike. But I really did think this was a brilliant book. I hope you take this to heart and realize that you have many many fans and people who appreciate your writing.
~Sinead (A big fan) Emoji

Great email from Sinead who’s raised some really interesting points.Do you agree with her that we need more of Jem’s point of view? Or is better to leave him mysterious? And is it unfinished and if so, would you like a sequel? Let me know what you think.

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Loose Muse

Will be at the Acorn Theatre, Penzance on Friday, Feb 21st for a vibrant new women’s spoken word event called Loose Muse.
I’ll be reading and talking about my work along with great writers and performers such as Agnes Meadows, Ann Alexander, Jane Pugh, Angela Stoner and Fi Read to name but a few.
Come along to this great platform for women writers of all genres to showcase their work, be it poetry, stories, plays, songwriting, travel-writing, blogs etc. Lots of interaction and some open-mic slots.
And yes, men are welcome and it’s only £2 on the night.
See you at the Acorn at 7.30!

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Book Awards

It’s always a huge honour when an author’s book is shortlisted for an award. I’m delighted to announce that two of mine have recently been shortlisted.
For my younger readers, “My Funny Family Gets Bigger” has been shortlisted for the Surrey Book Award. Well done Mattie!
And for my older readers, “The Day I Met Suzie” has been shortlisted for the KYBA Award.
Many thanks. I’m over the moon.


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Happy New Year, 2014!

You may have noticed I’ve not been posting on my site…or facebook…or Twitter …
Well, truly huge apologies! I’ve been taking a break on the other side of the world for a few months, restoring the batteries, catching up with family and old friends and generally chilling out.
But now I’m back and raring to go! I have a book to edit next week and I’m about to go back on social media. So do get in touch if you want any questions answered or you have an opinion about one of my books or you would like to book an event at your school or festival.I would love to hear from you and promise to get back to you asap.

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